Join the Asbestos and Dust Diseases Research Institute (ADDRI) for the next dynamic session in our 2024 Seminar Series. Coordinated by Dr Elham Beheshti, the series is designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst medical and scientific researchers.

Date:Tuesday, 27 February 2024
Time:12:00 – 1:30 pm
Location:ADDRI Boardroom Gate 3, Hospital Road Concord, NSW 2139

Seminar Highlights:

• Renowned speakers
• Interactive Sessions
• Light lunch and product showcase by industry sponsor

Topic: New Insights into Sexual Transmission of HIV using Human
Anogenital Tissues

Chaired by
Dr Peter Shi

Coordinated by
Dr. Elham Beheshti

Sponsored by
Living Stone


Andrew Harman

Professor of Virology and Immunology

Andrew Harman is a Professor of Virology and Immunology in the School of Medical Sciences and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Virus Research at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. Andrew has been working at the Westhead Health Precinct since completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2002. He has extensive collaborations with surgeons at Westmead and other Western Sydney Hospitals who provide his research group with a a large range of human tissues with which he conducts all his research. He leads two research groups at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, in the Centre for Virus Research and Centre for Immunology and Allergy Research. These groups investigate sexual transmission of HIV and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, such as Crohn’s Disease.

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