January 31 2024

ADDRI to develop Clinical Guidelines for The University of Cartagena

The University of Cartagena, Colombia has engaged ADDRI to develop Clinical Guidelines for the diagnosis of Non-Malignant Disease due to asbestos exposure for their country.

This project will be delivered over three stages as outlined in the General Framework for Clinical Guidelines for Non-Malignant Diseases Due to Asbestos Exposure document finalised in April 2023, commencing in July 2023 and running until the end of 2024.

ADDRI is experienced in developing guidelines like these and understands its magnitude. In 2013, ADDRI (then known as ADRI) published the Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) which systemised the approach of MPM based on the best available evidence in accordance with standards developed by The National Health and Medical Research Council.

“Australia’s experience in scientific research on asbestos-related diseases led by ADDRI can play an important role for Colombia as well as for Latin American and Caribbean countries. The clinical guidelines for non-malignant asbestos-related diseases, in whose development ADDRI is advancing with the University of Cartagena and the Colombia Asbestos Free Foundation, will be an invaluable tool for the Colombian medical community as it will advance an entry window to standard diagnostics in the identification and surveillance of asbestos-exposed populations, as mandated by the law 1968 of 2019 that banned asbestos in Colombia.” Guillermo Villamizar – Director, Asbestos Free Colombia Foundation (Fundclas)

Stage one of the process will include establishing the best-practice approach for developing the guidelines, data processing and analysis and other elements leading to the development of a final protocol that will guide the following two stages.

To deliver these guidelines, ADDRI will assemble a specialist team to develop the scope and oversight of project, done in close consultation with the project team in Columbia. The specialist team will include expertise in respiratory/pulmonary diseases, pathology, radiology, oncology, nursing and other subject matter experts who have a direct connection to the work of the Institute.

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