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ADDRI is an independent, not-for-profit research institute committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating the impact of asbestos and dust-related diseases worldwide.

We work in collaboration with individuals and organisations dedicated to eradicating these diseases while providing personalised wrap-around support to those affected by them. Our evidence-led research drives advancements in medical and scientific understanding and guides our global education and training initiatives.

At ADDRI we are:

Committed. We are unwavering in our dedication to eliminating asbestos and dust-related diseases worldwide.

Determined. We approach our mission with unrelenting resolve, pushing boundaries to achieve our goals.

Independent. Our independence ensures that we act solely in the best interests of those affected by asbestos and dust-related diseases, free from outside influence.

Collaborative. Through partnerships and cooperation, we amplify our impact, working together to make a significant difference.

Evidence-led. Our actions are guided by rigorous research and data, ensuring the most effective strategies in our fight against these diseases.

Transparent. We maintain open communication, sharing our progress, challenges and decisions with complete honesty and clarity.

Global leader. Our status as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Elimination of Asbestos-Related Diseases ensures that our dedication, research and collaboration will have significant impact around the world.

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