As the only World Health Organization Collaborating Centre dedicated to the elimination of asbestos related diseases, ADDRI is charged with actioning a broad range of work globally.

The aim of our work is to increase global understanding of asbestos and dust disease diagnosis and surveillance, patient care and the environmental management and impacts of asbestos and deadly dusts. It is our research that leads global education and training initiatives – to deliver real-world lifesaving impact and develop resources that are used across the world.

We currently have MOUs in place with:

Clinical guidelines

ADDRI is working with the University of Cartagena Colombia to develop clinical guidelines for the diagnosis of Non-Malignant Disease due to Asbestos Exposure.

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Training workshops

We aim to build capacity in-country to improve diagnosis, surveillance and treatment of asbestos-related diseases. Our goal is to equip local health professionals with the knowledge, tools and support to manage the ongoing diagnosis and treatment of these diseases as well as offering ongoing virtual guidance and support for training participants.

The difficulty some countries face is the lack of expertise and equipment to diagnose mesothelioma and other ARDs. This is interpreted by Governments and other organisations as not having a burden of asbestos disease, so bans on asbestos production and use are not required.

We have delivered training in Lao PDR and Vietnam (May 2024),  Indonesia (June 2023 & November 2019), Fiji (December 2019) and the Philippines (July 2019).

Our global training programs are supported by:

The Asbestos and Silica Safety and Eradication Agency 
Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA 
The Australian Council of Trade Unions

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