Have you been impacted? We are here to help.

We are on a mission to support people impacted by dust-related diseases.

Our Mesothelioma and Silicosis Support Service addresses the needs of patients suffering dust-related diseases and supports their families. We have a dedicated and compassionate team of specialist registered nurses who can provide you with the most current clinical information, referral pathways and emotional support via phone and email. Our nurses will also connect you with people going through a similar journey via meetings and events throughout the year.

Our service is confidential and free. Please get in touch – we are here to help.

Mesothelioma support

We are here to address the needs of our patients with mesothelioma and to support carers and families. We can answer any questions you may have and help you navigate the health system to find the best care and support.

We actively support over 300 families impacted by mesothelioma. We collaborate with established professional agencies, health professionals and local communities across NSW so we can bring you the best and latest clinical information and support and assist in navigating the complex medical system.

Our registered nurses have years of experience in providing patient care and are here to provide one-on-one emotional support via phone and email, so that you are not navigating this journey alone.

They will provide you and our family with personal support and guidance based on your circumstances, as well as organising meetings and events throughout the year to bring our patients, carers and bereaved together. We believe that connecting you with people who share lived experience is very powerful.

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+61 2 9767 9854

Silicosis support

We are here to provide emotional and practical support to individuals diagnosed with Silicosis and their caregivers. Our aim is to ensure the highest quality of care at every step of the healthcare journey.

Our one-on-one telehealth sessions offer the following:

  • Emotional and practical support
  • Advice on navigating the complexities of the healthcare system
  • Connection with patients and carers going through a similar journey
  • Activities and events to create a network amongst patients and a safe environment to openly discuss medical concerns.

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Are you caring for someone diagnosed with an asbestos or dust-related disease?

Caring for a loved one with mesothelioma may be one of the greatest challenges a caregiver will face in their lifetime.  We know how time‑consuming it can be sifting through information online, so we have gathered a list of valuable resources that we have found to be very helpful for carers and families of people with mesothelioma.

Resources for families and carers

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Meet our Nurses

At ADDRI our registered nurses utilise their wealth of knowledge and experience of patient care and supporting carers; to provide telephone, face-to-face and group meeting support.


Pamela Logan

Mesothelioma Support Coordinator

Pam has extensive experience and interest in working with patients diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma. She loves building strong relationships with both the patients and their carers that enable honest and open conversations about all aspects of illness, no matter where they are in their trajectory. Pam works with patients to address individual concerns that improve quality of life and is passionate about raising awareness of mesothelioma and its challenges amongst clinicians and other agencies.

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Carmel Oostveen

Mesothelioma Support Coordinator

Carmel works closely with diagnosed patients, offering vital support and guidance to them and their families. She has first-hand and extensive experience providing dedicated care to mesothelioma patients (and their families) undergoing the intensive Extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) surgery, as part of the trimodal care pathway having worked in Cardiothoracic intensive care. Carmel brings understanding, knowledge and compassion to her role in supporting patients and their families.

Email Carmel


Jennifer Coles

Silicosis Support Coordinator

Jenny leads our Silicosis Support Service, providing the highest standard of care for our patients through her holistic approach. She has years of significant expertise in respiratory care during her tenure in the intensive care environment. With hands-on experience in caring for silicosis patients undergoing lung transplantation, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of treatments including oxygen therapy and current medications.  She is a passionate advocate for her Silicosis patients as she supports and guides them and their carers to navigate the complex healthcare system.

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