Thank you for your support to ensure we uncover better treatment options and improve patient outcomes for those suffering with asbestos and dust-related diseases.

One of our key areas of focus is our biomarker discovery-based research to develop and measure new and improved diagnostic strategies to enable a more effective mesothelioma diagnosis for individuals with a prior history of asbestos exposure. The success of this research could lead to a new minimally-invasive, early and accurate diagnosis of mesothelioma, that will allow for early treatment options – before disease onset or at the very early stage of disease development.

Translating biomedical research into real-life healthcare improvements is our priority. Your generous support significantly assists our research efforts to ensure better diagnosis, treatment and support of people suffering with devastating dust diseases, as well as supporting families.


Would you consider leaving a gift in your Will?

Leaving a bequest or a gift in your Will to ADDRI – no matter how big or small – is a profoundly impactful way to contribute to the fight against debilitating and often fatal diseases caused by asbestos and other harmful dust exposures. Your legacy will provide hope to patients and families impacted.

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