The ADDRI Biobank is a specialised Biobank facility to collect and store blood, tissue, and fluids (biosamples) from patients affected by asbestos or other dust-related diseases, such as silicosis.

It is crucial to our biomedical (preclinical) research which focuses on a variety of molecular and biological techniques that utilise the invaluable biological specimens stored in the ADDRI Biobank.

The Biobank supplies high-quality biospecimens and associated health information to support scientists’ translational research, with the aim that these collaborations hope towill accelerate the development innovative treatments, drugs and prevention of disease.

“Biobanks serve as a key resource for novel scientific investigations, research and development. The importance of Biobanks is that biosamples collected may be shared nationally and across the globe for approved studies. This sharing of expertise can help focus and speed-up new discoveries now and into the future leading to advances in patient care and treatment.” -Dr Virginia James, Biobank Officer

Dr Virginia James, Biobank Officer oversees the management of this crucial resource, supported by David Baker, Research Officer.

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