June 20 2023

ADDRI farewells Jocelyn McLean, Mesothelioma Support Coordinator

After dedicating almost a decade of her life to ADDRI, our exceptional Mesothelioma Support Coordinator, Jocelyn McLean, is embarking on a well-deserved retirement journey. As we bid her farewell, we reflect on Jocelyn’s remarkable career and her unwavering commitment to providing care for mesothelioma patients.

Before joining ADDRI, Jocelyn spent 13 years at Concord Hospital, serving in various clinical roles. She later moved to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where she pioneered the Case Manager position for Thoracic Surgery. For 20 years, Jocelyn diligently provided pre and post-operative education and support to patients undergoing thoracic surgery, including those diagnosed with mesothelioma. Witnessing the vulnerability of these patients, Jocelyn collaborated closely with Professor Brian McCaughan, the one surgeon who offered trimodality therapy (TMT) involving chemotherapy, radical surgery (Extrapleural pneumonectomy EPP), and subsequent radiotherapy. Inspired by her experiences, Jocelyn pursued her Masters of Nursing Thesis on the experiences faced by individuals living with one lung.

Approaching the age of 60 in 2014, Jocelyn sought to transition to part-time work. However, her dedication to supporting mesothelioma patients, particularly those undergoing surgery, remained steadfast. Exploring avenues to fulfill this mission, Jocelyn approached ADDRI, recognising it as an independent research institute capable of offering support to patients across NSW, Australia, and even internationally. Moreover, the institute’s research initiatives allowed for the translation of findings into improved patient treatment.

With the generous support of a scholarship from Turner Freeman Lawyers, a three-year part-time role was established at ADDRI. In 2017, thanks to an ongoing iCare Support Services Grant, the role expanded to full-time. Leveraging her expertise and compassionate approach to patient and family care, Jocelyn successfully developed the ADDRI Support Service. This invaluable service offers up-to-date clinical information, emotional support via phone and email, and facilitates support group meetings. Through her extensive network and connections, Jocelyn has aided patients in navigating the complexities of the medical system.

Above all, the ADDRI Support Service provides hope and grants permission to live fully, despite the diagnosis. Reflecting on her journey, Jocelyn acknowledges the numerous challenges she has faced, but she emphasises that there have been very few days when she hasn’t felt the desire to come to work. In Jocelyn’s words, “Supporting this remarkable group of individuals and witnessing their gratitude and relief when they find our service has been immensely rewarding.”

Jocelyn leaves the Support Service in the capable hands of Pam Logan and Carmel Oostveen, providing consultation and guidance as needed. She leaves with the vision that the service will continue to expand to support patients with silicosis; and to become nationally and internationally recognised for its specialist nursing support. For now, Jocelyn plans to embark on adventures, travel and prioritise her personal health and well-being—a well-deserved dose of her own medicine. Jocelyn, we salute you and your legacy.

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