November 23 2023

ADDRI Launches New Podcast Series

ADDRI launches inspiring podcast series during National Asbestos Awareness Week 2023

During National Asbestos Awareness Week 2023, we mark 20 years since asbestos was completely banned in Australia. BUT – the asbestos legacy in Australia unfortunately continues to impact thousands of people each year. To shed light on the challenges faced by individuals facing asbestos and dust-related diseases, as well as those that treat and care for them, ADDRI proudly presents an inspiring new podcast series: Dust Disease Diaries: Real lives, Real stories of asbestos and beyond.

Hearing people’s stories is incredibly powerful. The heart of this podcast lies in profound conversations with patients, specialist nurses, doctors, and caregivers, offering invaluable insight and support derived from their personal journeys.

James O’Loghlin, prominent author, speaker, and broadcaster, hosts the series that delves into the experiences of those impacted by asbestos and dust-related diseases. In one of the episodes, he also speaks of the deeply personal experience of losing his close friend, James Wallner, to mesothelioma at the young age of 54.

Through these conversations we aim to inform and inspire, as well as provide another way for people to access information and support.

CEO Kim Brislane says: “We are extremely lucky to have James O’Loghlin at the helm, along with a variety of guests who have already been very generous in publicising their stories for the benefit of others.”

The series launches with four powerful conversations:

Episode 1:

Sandie Foreman, Mesothelioma Patient
Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis: Sandie’s Mesothelioma Journey

Episode 2:

Dr Anthony Linton, Medical Oncologist
A doctor’s journey in treating mesothelioma patients.

Episode 3:

Lisa Hoggard, Mesothelioma patient
A young girl helping her father to build a garden shed leads to an adult’s journey with mesothelioma.

Episode 4:

Katherine Stone, Head of Dust Diseases Care at iCare
I’ve been diagnosed with a dust disease – how do I start the process for workers compensation?

From mid-January 2024, subsequent episodes will follow on a bi-weekly basis and will include conversations with:

  • Armando Gardiman, Managing Partner Turner Freeman Lawyers, on the history of asbestos litigation in NSW
  • Trevor Seaman, mesothelioma patient and his wife Shirley Lee
  • Jocelyn McLean, founder of the ADDRI Mesothelioma Support Service
  • Associate Professor Steven Kao, Medical Oncologist
  • Bruce Wallner and James O’Loghlin, in conversation about their brother and friend, James Wallner
  • Paul Signorelli OAM, Biaggio Signorelli Foundation and Joanna Wade, Slater & Gordon, in conversation about the late Biaggio Signorelli and his legal case
  • Jacqueline Hughes, Partner Turner Freeman Lawyers on Silicosis litigation
  • Kate Cole OAM, Certified Occupational Hygienist on the silicosis experience in Australia

You can listen to the podcast on all major podcast streaming services. Visit our website ( for direct access, or find us on platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We hope you enjoy these remarkable stories and the invaluable insights they offer during National Asbestos Awareness Week and beyond.



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