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ADDRI is an independent, not-for-profit research institute committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating the impact of asbestos and dust-related diseases worldwide.

What we do

We work in collaboration with individuals and organisations dedicated to eradicating asbestos and dust-related diseases while providing personalised and wrap-around support to those affected by them.

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Our evidence-led research drives advancements in medical and scientific understanding and guides our global education and training initiatives.

Our work

Featured Researcher

Dr Ben Johnson

Dr Ben Johnson joined ADDRI in June 2019. Ben attained his PhD in 2015 from the Western Sydney University. Prior to being employed at ADDRI, Dr Johnson was a Research Officer at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research where he gained sound experience in a range of molecular biology/biochemistry-based techniques, human cell culture and data analysis. Since completing his PhD, Dr Johnson has continued to further develop his medical research skills and has presented his findings at national conferences and published several research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

The Research Team
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We are on a mission to educate that asbestos is a very real threat to people all over the world.



Bringing together over 60 specific topics and written in collaboration with 100 global
experts, this online education resource provides a comprehensive guide in how to diagnose
and treat asbestos-related diseases.

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Learning Modules

Nurses and allied health professionals can access our Specialist Mesothelioma eLearning
resource. This comprehensive one-stop resource is designed as a 30-minute module,
following a chronological timeline in a patient’s mesothelioma journey.

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Listening to people’s stories is very powerful. If you have been diagnosed – or are caring for
someone who has – we have a series of inspiring conversations to offer information,
understanding and hope.

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Have you been impacted?

We have a dedicated and compassionate team of specialist registered nurses who can provide you with the most current clinical information, referral pathways and emotional support via phone and email as well as a number of peer support groups. We're here to help you.

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Trevor's Story

When Trevor and his wife Shirley returned home to Australia after being overseas feeling increasingly breathless, Trevor received a call that would change his life forever.

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Research Projects

Working towards early diagnosis

This project aims to identify and validate new blood-based biomarkers to facilitate an improved and less invasive diagnosis of mesothelioma.

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Raul's story

Raúl Antonio Medina Ortiz worked as a Logistics Assistant for over 14 years for Incolbest SA, a company in Colombia manufacturing parts for vehicle brakes.

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An Indonesian Story

Tuniah and Kuswoyo worked for the Trigraha Sealsindo company, an asbestos manufacturer for automotive parts in Indonesia for over 20 years.

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Our supporters

Our ability to advance our research is only made possible through the generosity of our supporters and collaboration with organisations and individuals dedicated to eradicating asbestos and dust related diseases.

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