June 22 2023

Trevor’s story

In the late 1970’s and 1980’s, Trevor worked as an apprentice electrician in his hometown of Wagga Wagga.

He then spent the next 35 years travelling the world working on various oil rigs and mines. In 2020, Trevor and his wife Shirley returned home to Australia, planning to retire and work on the farm they had purchased in country Victoria, near the Albury-Wodonga border.

Feeling increasingly breathless, but not overly concerned, Trevor decided to seek medical advice and after numerous appointments and tests, Trevor received a call that would change his life. He had been diagnosed with mesothelioma. When his wife Shirley asked him what that was, he simply replied it’s “a death sentence.”

Utterly shocked and desperately searching for answers, the ADDRI Support Service reached out, promptly connecting the couple with the Dust Diseases Board and introducing them to a surgeon based in Sydney who could assist in making decisions regarding radical treatment and guided them through the intricate medical system.

Following radical surgery in 2021, the ADDRI Support service walked alongside Trevor and Shirley through the recovery process, helping to manage the challenging side effects of the intricate procedure and the subsequent recovery. Crucially, the ADDRI team emphasised the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, engaging in pulmonary rehabilitation in their local area, and offering guidance and encouragement as they worked towards regaining an active lifestyle.

While it will continue to be a difficult journey ahead, Trevor and Shirley are embracing life. They are so passionate about the crucial impact of the ADDRI Support Service and our research work that will uncover treatments that could help patients to come. As Trevor says “without the Mesothelioma Support Service, I wouldn’t have known which way to go.” They are strong advocates of Dr Peter Shi’s research into the manuka compound and generously donated $10,000 to support his continuing work.

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