March 26 2020

ADRI and the Covid-19

In unprecedented times, it is important to hold up a mirror to ourselves. What should ADRI do at this time? How can ADRI contribute to the crisis? My position as research director is unchanged, that is, to respect and adhere to our Constitution. Obviously, it is not business as usual, but I see the need for an even fiercer commitment to our stated objectives.

I encourage every ADRI staff to revisit our Constitution at this time. I personally found the following clause to be worthy of contemplation:

“to promote awareness of the special circumstances experienced by those exposed to asbestos …”

Reflecting on myself, I have realised the vulnerability of mesothelioma patients amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for ADRI to act on it.

ADRI’s Mesothelioma Support Service will continue to reach out to mesothelioma patients, survivors and their families. This noble activity is built on a robust base: the scientific pursuit by our research staff and the administrative support by management.

Together ADRI staff will carry on our endeavour.

Let us all stay healthy.

E/Professor Ken Takahashi

To contact ADRI’s Mesothelioma Support Service:

Phone: 02 9767 9854 (we will be accessing voice messages from home)
ADRI Mesothelioma Support page: click here

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